Health authorities in Veracruz and Tabasco allow thousands of oncologic medications to expire


Despite the fact that patients and parents have denounced the shortage of medicines, in Veracruz Y Tabasco thousands of drugs were stored and allowed to expire.

In Veracruz, one of the entities that, due to the number of complaints and mobilizations due to shortages, has a place at the dialogue table with the Insabi, It was reported that 884,822 dozes of anticancer medicine were found in a central warehouse, located in Xalapa.

Parents of children with cancer pointed out that despite the fact that in the institutional pages of Veracruz The arrival of medicines was announced, in public hospitals they were told that they had not arrived, so they had to buy it.

After the complaint, personnel from the institution went to the state of Veracruz on May 4 and, later, on the 11th of that month, in a meeting with the non-conformists, this irregularity was confirmed.

The federal institution promised to take steps to review the expiration of each of the drugs found to implement adjustments and try to take advantage of them, which are high cost, however, without an official report, hundreds are expected to have served their lives. Useful.

Meanwhile, in Tabascothe state Health Secretariat had to discard 100 thousand 100 boxes of medicine because it expired without being provided to the population.

Ten pharmaceutical keys, from the common ones like paracetamol and insulin, even demanded drugs such as methotrexate, used to slow the growth of cancer cells, were thrown in the trash.

The head of this state agency, Silvia Roldan, admitted that this amount will have to be disposed of due to lack of use.

The market value of these pieces would be around 12.5 million pesos.