Fire at AMLO’s under construction Dos Bocas Refinery

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  • In a unified effort, SECRETARIA DE MARINA, in coordination with PEMEX, Civil Protection, and the Fire Department, manage to put out a fire that occurred in the Dos Bocas Naval Sector.

Dos Bocas, Paraíso, Tabasco.– The Secretariat of the Navy of Mexico through the Naval Sector of Dos Bocas, reports that, during the night of March 29th, a fire broke out in a hangar located within the facilities of the Maritime Terminal of Dos Bocas (TMDB), which was suffocated approximately a couple of hours after it began, as a result of joint work between personnel of this Institution, of Petróleos Mexicanos (PEMEX), of Civil Protection of Paraíso, Tab. and the Fire Department of said Terminal.

Photo: OMNIA

In the event, two people were injured with slight burns, for which they were immediately treated by the Naval Health personnel, presenting a stable state of health; a canine agent named “Acorn” belonging to the Fifth Naval Zone that was in the aforementioned hangar was found dead; in addition to various material losses.

These events took place after 9:00 p.m. March 29th, in a hangar that PEMEX shares with this Naval Sector of Dos Bocas, space intended for the protection of vehicles, boats, material, and equipment. It is also the area where the Dos Bocas Maritime Terminal (TMDB) Monitoring and Surveillance System is installed, an armament and ammunition storeroom, as well as other PEMEX facilities.

Photo: OMNIA

For this reason, in coordination with personnel from the PEMEX Strategic Safeguard Security Subdirectorate, the TMDB Fire Fighting and Health Services Department personnel were alerted immediately, as well as the API Dos Bocas Fire Department personnel. and Municipal Civil Protection, who implemented the corresponding protocols to put out the fire.

It is important to mention that support was also received from the Command of the Fifth Naval Zone based in Frontera, Tabasco, from where a water tanker, an ambulance, and a firefighting team were sent, an action that contributed to the efforts to deal with the situation in a more efficient manner.

Photo: OMNIA

Finally, the fire was controlled around 11:30 pm, having participated in the event: 43 elements of SEMAR, 10 elements of Civil Protection, 10 elements of API Dos Bocas Firefighters, 6 elements of PEMEX firefighters; also using two PEMEX tugboats with water cannons, a water pipe, and other units of this Institution.

It is still pending to determine the cause that originated the fire, as well as the corresponding investigation by the Mexican Navy Inspection.

Source: OMNIA

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