Innocent attorney and companion lynched in Puebla after being mistaken for a child abductors


The lawyer lived in Orizaba, Veracruz and worked in a law firm, so she was going to León to visit with her two daughters.

Adela was on her way to Nuevo León Guanajuato when she stopped in San Nicolás Buenos Aires to rest, her family said. Governor Miguel Barbosa said Wednesday that those responsible for the lynching have already been identified.

The attorney and her companion died of head trauma, confirmed Governor Miguel Barbosa Huerta. stated that neither the police nor the National Guard could help them because the residents did not let them approach.

Adela was tied to a post and lynched by a mob of enraged villagers 

Abogada linchada en Puebla se dirigía a León a visitar a sus hijas -

The lawyer Edmunda Adela Martínez Velázquez, who was lynched on the afternoon of Sunday, October 25, in Puebla and who unfortunately lost her life the same day, was heading to León to visit her daughters;  One of her best friends confirmed that moments before her lynching she posted messages on her social networks that were not common.

“I saw a publication on Facebook and it was strange to me because of what she published and from there I became somewhat suspicious,” said her friend, who had lived with her for several years and called themselves sisters by choice.

She said that Edmunda Adela was going to León only to visit with her two daughters, who were in the city because they were studying at the university.

Edmunda’s friend commented that apart from those two girls she had three other children, “they were 4 girls and a boy in total, and all of them are somewhat older.”

Originally, the lawyer lived in the municipality of Orizaba, Veracruz, and worked in a law firm with positions in various legal positions in Mexico City, so when deciding to go to León to visit her daughters, she passed through the city of Puebla in where everything was normal.

She pointed out that just on Sunday, October 25, the day of the attack, Edmunda began to make comments that were not common in her through her social networks, for example:

“Blessed God, I am in a happy place, I am calm”, “Someone can tell me what happened because of all the scandal”, also Edmunda’s friend commented that she asked if her children were well “Beautiful family do not worry I am calm and at peace, in a beautiful place I send you kisses I don’t have a charger, I’m going to León Guanajuato, I’m going with God and if I don’t return I’m with him ”.

The messages that Edmunda presented on the day of her death immediately generated anguish among her family and friends, however, they were awaiting her arrival.

Other messages that were observed were “are canceled all events” when the message posted another that said, “Thank you, family, I am fine I’m in Puebla, tell my uncle Ausevio I’m going there to see him but I think I’ll be on the street sleeping for a while, take care of my things, please I’m in my truck ”.

Another message was given before 3 in the afternoon which said “Little children do not gossip about anything I am always fine, family and dear brother do not be scared of false news as soon as I have a telephone in service I communicate.”

“At half-past five she posts a photo with the children, but it is a photo from a long time ago, it is not a recent photo, ” she commented.

She added that the last publication that was seen on Edmunda’s profile was of a photo that had an educational institution in the background and that was the last that was seen.

So far Edmunda’s family has gone to Xalapa Veracruz where the entire funeral process will be carried out, but at the moment none of their children are in León.

They accused her of attempted theft of a child without evidence

In the Buenos Aires neighborhood of the city of Puebla, on the afternoon of Sunday, October 25, Edmunda Adela Martínez Velázquez was lynched along with a companion by local citizens, who indicated that they wanted to rob a child without having proof of it.

Local and federal authorities came to the aid of the victims, however, Edmunda’s companion was no longer alive and she died in the hospital to which she was transferred.


According to local media, Edmunda and Arturo stopped at a  store in the Emilio Portes Gil community ( Puebla ) when the inhabitants pointed out that they were trying to steal a child. The chaos began.

The people tied  Edmunda and Arturo to a concrete post, securing such an accusation. They began to beat them hard. In a video shared by social networks, it is seen that she was half-naked, while they pulled her and she cries out in pain, her companion was lit on fire on his face, but he was already unconscious.

Only Edmunda’s screams are heard trying to stop the aggressions, a  man shouts:  “We are not going to burn them,  we are going to dismember them” 

Arturo died at the scene after people untied him and continued hitting him on the floor, at that moment the authorities arrived to prevent them from doing the same with  Edmunda, who was transferred to a  hospital, but there she died of head trauma.  

It is important to note that 40 minutes before the lynching, the victims were detained by municipal police in TlachichucaPuebla, a place close to where they died. There they were interrogated and found that they had nothing to do with the alleged kidnapping of a child, they released them, according to the Almanaque Magazine. 

It was thus that in social networks the message ran where they warned the inhabitants that “they left them free”, thus alerting anyone who found them. Influenced by a ” fake ” news, the residents committed this double crime.  

Governor Barbosa confirmed this Wednesday at a press conference that those responsible for this horrendous lynching have already been identified and that the State Attorney General’s Office (FGE) is holding an investigation into this case, without giving further details.

According to the Ministry of the Interior, so far in 2020, 2o1 people have been victims of lynching in the State of Puebla, 129 of these have been registered in 41 different municipalities; while 192 people were rescued.


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