Mexico deports 132 Honduran migrants who entered Chiapas illegally


Tapachula, Chiapas. -The National Migration Institute (INM) announced that this Wednesday they deported 132 migrants from Honduras from the Tapachula International Airport (AIT). 

During a supervision tour, Francisco Garduño, National Commissioner of Migration (CNM) reported that these migrants who were returned to their country are commonly arrested and are taken to the immigration stations, which are accredited at the embassies and once they it is done, they are deported

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Garduño also said that the population of the 21st-century migratory station is 50% of its population. 

Since the caravan was alerted to date, some 240 migrants have been arrested. 

Last Sunday, there was an attempted mutiny by Honduran migrants that was controlled by members of the National Guard

Gobierno de México deporta 132 hondureños de Caravana desde Tapachula -  Gaby Coutiño | Noticias

The federal official noted that the presence of federal forces will continue in the border area. 

However, some informal steps have been taken by some Central Americans, who are rescued in other entities of the country. 

Deporta INM a 132 migrantes hondureños que ingresaron en caravana a  Tapachula

This Wednesday, Health personnel from the Comprehensive Family System (DIF), in coordination with the National Guard, members of the Secretariat of the Navy, and National Defense, were again deployed on the banks of the Suchiate River as part of the security reinforcement. 

At the border limits of Mexico and Guatemala, as of noon, they were placed at the request of the migration authorities to join the dissuasive operations to stop migration. 

In Ciudad Hidalgo, the migration personnel maintains surveillance with high-tech drones to observe the passage of foreigners who seek to enter illegally through the Suchiate River. 

This Wednesday, the National Commissioner of Migration (CNM), supervised the Border Port of Talismán.

We will try to travel by caravan or alone: ​​a migrant who circumvented security

Tapachula, Chiapas.- Despite the sealing of the southern border, by elements of the Navy, Mexican Army, National Guard, and immigration agents, the migrants from Honduras who travel by caravan continue their way along the Suchiate River with the idea of ​​reaching the United States.

Despite the fact that the Guatemalan authorities maintain a military operation to stop the passage of Hondurans, some of the foreigners have managed to circumvent security, but have been secured in Ciudad Hidalgo by federal agents.

Maximino Meras Herrera, originally from Ceibo, Honduras, is one of the migrants who arrived in Ciudad Hidalgo, circumventing all the operations in Guatemala, however, he was secured on the borders of Mexico and Guatemala.

Meras Herrera pointed out that thousands of Hondurans were traveling in the caravan that left San Pedro Sula Honduras on October 1, with the intention of reaching the United States.

México deporta a 129 migrantes hondureños que harán cuarentena por COVID-19

Difficult the journey to get to Mexico

This migrant, who traveled in the first caravan and who defied the coronavirus pandemic, with the more than 3,000 Hondurans who left the United States, confronted the elements of the Guatemalan Army, were arrested and returned to their country of origin.

He reported that for migrants, the situation has become very difficult, because the Guatemalan government no longer allowed them to circulate through that country, “imagine that they return you from Guatemala and those of us who come with the illusion of improving the quality of life, that it ends in a matter of seconds and we have to go back where we started ”.

The Honduran who was able to observe all the operations carried out by the Guatemalan Army to dismantle the caravan said that thousands of migrants leave their lives risking and there are even those who lose their lives on the way.

He said that in order to reach Mexico, it has become a true way of the cross, due to the different operations that both nations have.

Although his future is uncertain, he recalled that he intends to return or try to migrate until they reach the United States, which is the destiny of Hondurans to improve their quality of life, because everyone is fleeing poverty, misery, insecurity and lack of jobs.


Since last October 1, when he left his country, he had no communication with his family, so he is concerned that his two daughters and his wife have no news of him, because most of the migrants have been returned.

Núcleos hondureños serían deportados como forma de reducir incentivos para  emigrar

Meras Herrera, emphasized that by being detained by immigration agents, he will be able to be safe, eat and see the possibility that the Mexican government can give him a permit to work in whatever, since he seeks to obtain resources for his family and be legally in Mexican territory.

Like this Honduran, small groups of migrants who circumvented border security have been detained and put on migration transports.

A total of 23,811 undocumented Hondurans have been returned to their country during the first semester, which is 59.6% less than the 58,969 deportees in the same period of 2019, according to a report from the Honduran Consular and Migration Observatory. 

Of all Honduran migrants, the United States deported 10,614, Mexico 12,684, and Central American countries 513, according to the report.


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