The arrival of foreign tourists and income of foreign currency continues at low levels


During June 981,385 foreigners entered the country, of which about 71% were border entries and only 29% of the arrivals were visits for tourism, recreation, family or work.

During June 2020, the tourism sector in Mexico continues at levels significantly lower than those registered before the arrival of Covid-19 . International arrivals are recovering very modestly and income from foreign tourism remains at a minimum. 

In this month, the entry of international tourists to the country reached 981,385 tourists, of which about 71% were border entries; that upon entering the country they stayed at least one night outside the borders . For their part, only 29% of arrivals were actual tourists; who stayed at least one night for recreation, work, visits or tourism. 

In total, the entries of foreigners to the country fell 74.8% in relation to June of last year, according to figures from the Inegi International Traveler Surveys (EVI). 

Despite the drop in total arrivals to the country, the item most affected was tourism visits. The fall in the total number of border foreigners was 60%, while for tourism visitors the fall was pronounced to 86.8 percent. 

During June the trend of arrivals, mainly by air, was again shown, 53% of visitors entered through airports. 

Although international arrivals are gradually recovering, in line with the gradual reopening, foreign exchange earnings from tourism continue to decline significantly. 

In this period, 175 million dollars entered the country due to the spending of foreigners within the country, which represented a contraction of 90.3% in relation to June of last year where 1.805 million dollars were collected. 

The international tourism with the greatest flows is the border; and simultaneously it is the lowest is the expenses he exercises within the country, especially due to his condition and travel reasons. This group contributed 16% of the foreign exchange earnings; on the other hand, the few foreigners with tourism motives exercised the remaining 84%.


The Mazatlan Post