Social media complaints about the taste of recently stocked beer sold after reopening of the alcohol ban


Several have complained on social media networks about the taste of recently stocked beer, even to the point of putting together theories about it, while others only believe that it is due to longer storage times than usual.

In the last weeks, the lines and waits were long while the beer inventories reduced due to the stoppage of the production of the beer industry due to the contingency due to the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic. 

However, in the most recent days the focus on the situation is different.

And now people have voiced their complaints through social networks among which stand out “the bad taste and excess alcohol content.”

They even mentioned the theory that “chemicals are being used to speed up fermentation.”

They comment that together with their groups of friends they have noticed that the beer, in addition to being sold at higher prices, “does not have the same customary quality” as it has a “vinegar taste and a very fetid smell”.

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They detail that “it smells”, but its flavor “does not please” so they add that it is due to the beer company having the urgency to supply great demand, motivated by the high price they charge for it” and therefore they brew it “without respecting quality standards”.

On the other hand, some who differ with the theory explains that it is simply because it is beer that was stored for quite a long time, longer than usual.

Whats your conspirancy theory ?


The Mazatlan Post