Woman in La Paz “shames” feminists for vandalizing a sculpture


The events were recorded this Sunday, March 8 on the boardwalk in the city of La Paz

La Paz, Baja California Sur (BCS ). During the commemoration march of International Women’s Day, some attendees painted the sculpture known as the Dove of La Paz, on the boardwalk in the capital city of Baja California Sur; Given what happened, an inhabitant was made of tools and was dedicated to cleaning.

I am outraged, I am outraged that they do that, this is a lack of values, this is a heritage of South Californians […] Why don’t they go and express themself by legal-legal means?” she tells the protesters.

The events originated on the night of this Sunday, March 8, around 8:00 p.m., after the march organized in the city of La Paz, a situation that culminated in the vandalism of public space.

“It is that the Government cares more about monuments than losing a woman,” replied one of the young attendees of the march, who argued the growth of crimes against the women’s sector.

“I am a simple citizen and I come to clean your mess, you do as you wish. You already protested this my form of protest, I don’t agree with you, ”added the woman who dedicated herself to removing the paint.

On the other hand, in the social networks, the action of the civilian was viral, causing great acceptance and recognition by Internet users who say they agree with it:

“This is an example of respect,” “this is to be aware and reasonable.” “There was no need to do acts of vandalism, they would only have focused on their march and not on making riot. For Example Mrs. […] hopefully, most think so ”“ No, we are not interested in a monument, but understand vandalize and destroy everything does not scare any rapist or murderer, does not modify any law, does not advance any investigation ”, were some of her comments.

Subsequently, a diverse group of citizens joined the woman, who dedicated themselves to cleaning the sculpture that is located in the golden zone of the La Paz boardwalk.

Source: bcsnoticias

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