Javier May Names Brother of AMLO Secretary of Government in Tabasco


The elected Governor of Tabasco, Javier May, has appointed José Ramiro López Obrador, brother of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, as Secretary of Government of the State.

“It’s a colleague from the early days of the transformation movement with a marked trajectory of commitment to public service and the fight for justice and social rights. He’s an honest person,” May said in a press conference in Villahermosa, where he presented some members of his cabinet who will accompany him during his 2024-2030 term.

José Ramiro López Obrador has been Mayor of Macuspana and subsecretary of Border Affairs at the Government Secretariat, according to May, and recently coordinated the campaign for Governor.

“The challenge is to fulfill commitments made in the campaign, that’s the fundamental challenge and we’re heading towards it,” López Obrador said in an interview with local media after the press conference.

The next Secretary stated that his first task will be to agree on the transition process with the current State Government.

“We need to reach an agreement with Lic. José Antonio de la Vega to see about the transition, that’s what we’re going to focus on. It will be an open-door government and we’ll accompany the Governor on all his tours around the state of Tabasco,” he declared.

The Morena party also announced the appointments of Julián Enrique Romero Oropeza as Secretary of Administration and Finance; Patricia Iparrea Sánchez as Education Secretary, and Daniel Casasus as head of the Public Works and Territorial Order Secretariat.

Sheila Guadalupe Cadena Nieto will be the next Secretary of Environment and Sustainable Development; Rafael Sánchez Cabrales will lead the Mobility Secretariat; Katia Ornelas Gi will be at the helm of the Tourism and Economic Development Secretariat, and Aída Elba Castillo Santiago will be the next head of the Culture Secretariat.

May, who will take office on October 1st, left pending the appointments of Security Public Secretary and Health Secretary.

Source: Reforma