Tabasco businessman gunned down while riding his scooter in CDMX


Customs businessman from Tabasco, Carlos Narváez Romero was traveling on a scooter when he was shot to death on Monday, May 13th, on Lake Iseo Street, in the Miguel Hidalgo district of Mexico City.

It is presumed that Narváez was returning from dropping off his son at school when unknown individuals attacked him with a firearm outside the Be Grand Alto Polanco housing complex, where he lived.

The wife of the deceased businessman from the state of Tabasco recognized him when she went out into the street after hearing the gunshots.

The first investigations indicate that the 44-year-old victim had a bodyguard, but he had agreed to pick him up later.

According to a report from the Secretariat of Citizen Security of Mexico City, police officers went to the area of the attack where they found a man ‘on the asphalt strip with visible blood stains on his body.’

The authorities called the emergency services and proceeded to cordon off the crime scene while they began the corresponding investigations.

Paramedics from the Mexican Red Cross confirmed that the man had died. In addition, it was found that the body had two gunshot wounds to the head.

Until now, the motive for this murder in Mexico City is unknown, however, it was announced that an investigation folder will be initiated to follow up on the case.

Carlos Narváez Romero graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Foreign Trade at Olmeca University, in Villahermosa Tabasco, and began his career in the Dos Bocas customs zone.

Since 2014, he served as a customs advisor, and in 2017 he founded the company Operadora Comercial Logística e Industrial.

Given his experience and relationship with Tabasco officials, in 2022 he was promoted to replace Horacio Duarte as head of the National Customs Agency, who coordinated the candidacy of Delfina Gómez, today Mexican Governor.

Narváez was director of Customs Procedures and Evaluation at Customs.

Source: Reforma

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