Sweet opening! University House of Cocoa and Chocolate


Explore Cacha Cacao, The University House of Chocolate: historic design, cutting-edge technology and multi-sensory experiences.

After months of anticipation, the Juárez Autonomous University of Tabasco (UJAT) celebrates the completion of its ambitious project, the University House of Cocoa and Chocolate, known as Cacha Cacao. The rector, Guillermo Narváez Osorio, was pleased to announce the completion of the project last month, ending a long-awaited wait.

Located on Avenida 27 de Febrero, number 1037, Colonia Centro, this new museum proposal seeks to stand out in the local scene by offering a unique experience. Equipped with cutting-edge technology, such as touch screens, virtual reality, holograms and QR codes, Cacha Cacao is presented as an innovative space that goes beyond the traditional house museums in the region.

In addition to its technological proposal, the University House will have a parking lot accessible from Ignacio Ramírez Street, located at the back of the building. This convenience demonstrates careful attention to detail to make the visit more accessible and comfortable.

Regarding the management of the project, Narváez Osorio highlights that the effort comes entirely from UJAT professors, approximately 30 in total. This one hundred percent institutional commitment ensures an academic and professional look at every aspect, from architectural design to the implementation of technology and museography.

Graciela Beauregard Solís, project coordinator and research professor at UJAT, shares the vision behind Cacha Cacao. The University House not only aims to be an exhibition space, but also to strengthen the cultural link between the people of Tabasco and the cultivation of cocoa.

It emphasizes the importance of multidisciplinary collaboration with leading researchers from various academic divisions, underlining the relevance of Tabasco in universal culture.

Source: Tabasco Hoy