AMLO says Joe Biden will allocate 4 billion US dollars to help Central American countries


The US president seeks to help Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala to make migration “optional”

“I do not believe I am committing any indiscretion by saying that President Biden told me that they are going to allocate 4 billion dollars in support of these three countries.”

He pointed out that of the 1.9 billion dollars that the United States will invest in the economy of its country, something will come to Mexico in the form of an economic spill within the framework of the new trade agreement known as USMCA.

For López Obrador, this will help to complement what is already being done in the country, serving from south to north and creating development areas.

Regarding the pandemic, he mentioned that “we can see the light at the end of the tunnel” (one of his favorite lines), and added that this situation has caused so a lot of suffering and pain, in addition to affecting the economy.”

Through a statement, the White House detailed this morning that after the call they held on Friday, January 22nd, both leaders agreed to work closely together to stop the flow of irregular migration through Mexico and into the United States territory.

AMLO declared on his daily press conference that Joe Biden described his plan to reduce migration by addressing the root causes of it, increasing resettlement capacity and legal migration pathways.

Through this, the US government presided by Joe Biden seeks to improve the processing at the border to adjudicate asylum applications and reverse the draconian migration policies, implemented by the Donald Trump administration.

Source: OEM

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