AMLO on verge of being a danger to Mexico says, Roberto Madrazo


President Andrés Manuel López Obrador is destroying many things in the country and is on the verge of becoming a danger to Mexico, said the former governor of Tabasco, Roberto Madrazo Pintado.

The former candidate for the presidency of the Republic in 2006, also considered that López Obrador is wasting the opportunity to make the change that the country requires since he lacks legitimacy with proposals that satisfy the vision that Mexico is waiting for.

The PRI former candidate pointed out that the president needs counterweights that provide balance since the Legislative and Judicial Power are “delivered” in his favor.

“I wonder why isn’t there someone who tells the president that such a thing cannot be done? Or why is there suddenly silence that allows the president to embark on proposals, on occurrences that do not serve the country? that point of deliberation of how we are going to live the 2021 election depends on our votes, with counterweights or a free pass to the president who today is destroying many things in the country, without becoming that danger, but he is standing on the line, and that can become the danger if he does not have counterweights, let us vote for this country to have counterweights and help the democratic transition so that they give good results, “he said.

Madrazo Pintado said he was concerned about the “dismantling” of autonomous organizations that did not depend on the president.

Federal Executive has certain authoritarian orientations.

“I see with concern that he suddenly has authoritarian biases, I see with concern that he remains anchored in proposals such as Luis Echeverría, López Portillo, which have long passed, and that it is not about talking about new things towards such a different world, hear something from the president talking about technology, with which we are going to face the future with young people after the pandemic, “he said.

Despite this, people ruled in favor of López Obrador fulfilling his mandate to be president for six years, “he is the most powerful president since 1970.”

“How will the country be able to govern in the future to avoid polarization? Let’s not forget the case of Vicente Fox, when he said that he was going to remove the PRI from Los Pinos, he effectively removed it from Los Pinos, but he removed Mexico from the world and we fell enormously on many issues that we had advanced, that period lost in transition should have been done, for the political regime to be different, is the same that we are living today.

He acts “like the oldest of the PRI.”.

“López Obrador has the opportunity to build a different regime and is acting like the old regime, he is acting as the oldest of the old PRI, authoritarian, does not consult, does not allow the concurrence of different forces to be able to make collective decisions for good of the country, “he said.

At another time, Madrazo said he regretted López Obrador’s response to the floods suffered in Tabasco, as he considered that Obrador lacked empathy when he did not visit flooded areas on foot.

“Our beloved Tabasco needs more push, it hurt me a lot in the floods, not seeing the president stuck in the colonies with people in the water at risk of getting sick as many of us have done, but in such a sad moment, so difficult for families when they lose everything, when they lose the little they had in their homes, their belongings, the things most appreciated by them, and that there was no empathy of being with people, the photography did not matter,” he said.

Finally, he pointed out that in Mexico there is a polarization that has not been present for 40 years because he said, that is the way of governing of the president of Mexico.


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