Chiapas flooding leave at least 20 dead and five missing


The floods caused by the storm “Eta” and the Cold Front 11 affected 32 municipalities in 12 regions of Chiapas

Chiapas.– At least 20 people have died and five have disappeared is the balance, so far, of the intense rains caused by the Cold Front No. 11 and the tropical storm “Eta A” in 12 regions out of 32 municipalities of Chiapas, informed the Secretary of Civil Protection of the state.

According to the Preliminary Registry of Damage to Emergencies and Disasters (REPDAED), “Eta” and Cold Front No. 11 caused havoc in 12 regions; the Northern Region, Maya, Lacandon Jungle, Lower Soconusco, Isthmus-Costa, Valleys Zoque, de Los Bosques, Altos Tsoltil-Tseltal, Mezcalapa, Sierra Mariscal, Tulijá and Frailesca.

To be precise, the damages are concentrated in 32 municipalities: Ixhuatán, Ixtapangajoya, Pichucalco, Amatán, Catazajá, Palenque, Ocosingo, Huixtla, Arriaga, Ocozocoautla, Rincón Chamula San Pedro, San Andrés Duraznal, Jitotol, El Bosque, Bochil, Oxchuc, Panthelhó, San Juan Chamula, Chanal, Larrainzar, Tecpatán, Mezcalapa, Ocotepec, La Grandeza, Amatenango de la Frontera, Chilón, Tumbalá, Tila, Yajalón, Salto de Agua, Tumbalá and La Concordia.

So far, 2,845 homes have been affected, some with flooding and others totally collapsed, so many of their residents have gone to eight shelters: two in Juárez, two in Ocosingo, one Ixhuatán, one Ixtapangajoya, one San Cristóbal de las Casas and one more Tumbalá.

There are also 17 interruptions of road sections due to unstable slopes, as well as 10 overflows of rivers and streams, damage to two pedestrian bridges, affected three high-voltage cable networks in La Grandeza, and Tumbalá.

Similarly, three potable water and sewerage networks have collapsed, in addition to 12 communities being cut off due to floods and landslides, where there are at least 500 people.

The registry of deceased so far is at least 20 people, but they are still looking for another five people, three of them of legal age and two minors.

The head of the Civil Protection Secretariat, Jorge de Jesús Figueroa Córdova, expressed his condolences and solidarity with the families of those who lost their lives as a result of these natural phenomena while informing that of the people reported as missing, one has been located safe and sound and continuing the search for the others.

He specified that support is provided to 4,200 affected families, especially in terms of food and shelter.

Governor Rutilio Escandón Cadenas recognized the Mexican Army for the implementation of the DNIII-E Plan, the Navy for the Marine Plan, the National Guard, the Civil Protection System, and the instances of the three levels of government that are working as a single team to safeguard the integrity and life of Chiapas.


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