“I am not a sellout”, meeting with Trump will be strictly political, says AMLO


He stated that he will travel on a commercial flight and not on an Armed Forces aircraft

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador affirmed that he will visit President Donald Trump in Washington in the coming days to celebrate the entry into force of the Trade Agreement between Mexico, the United States, and Canada USMCA T-MEC ).

To meet Trump, AMLO will fly commercial - The Mazatlán Post

During his morning conference at the National Palace, the chief executive announced that the date on which he will travel to the neighboring country to the north will be defined today.

“I am going to travel to the United States, it is for the entry into force of the USMCA, I am going to have a meeting with Trump to celebrate that the agreement was reached,” said López Obrador.

Likewise, he clarified: “I am not a sellout, to put it clearly […] I have no problem of conscience with traveling to the United States if all my life I have maintained that Mexico is a free and sovereign country”

He pointed out that the agreement will mean foreign investment, reactivation of the economy, and well-being for the country.

“The entry into force of the USMCA is timely, we are about to emerge from the pandemic and it is important to emerge from the recession caused by COVID-19.”

AMLO will travel on a commercial flight

After the journalist Carlos Pozos, better known as ” Lord Molecule “, suggested that he travel in an Armed Forces aircraft because they are for the service of Mexicans, López Obrador reiterated that he will arrive in the United States on a commercial flight.

AMLO vuela en avión comercial...

“I am going to travel by commercial plane, there is no direct flight to Washington, I will make a stopover, I do not rule out using planes from the armed forces, but only in an emergency, to attend to the population, cases of tragedy, which I do not want”, said.

He also recalled that “you have to govern by example, nothing of the paraphernalia that was before.”

He revealed that Alfonso Romo, head of the Office of the Presidency, will travel with him; Marcelo Ebrard, secretary of Foreign Relations and Graciela Márquez, secretary of Economy.

Source: radioformula.com.mx

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