Find out more about Mexicos first passenger drone and why it will start in Tulum


The first drone with passengers from Mexico will take off soon and this will happen in Tulum

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Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many projects have stopped and even many others have collapsed and yet in Los Amigos de Tulum they have only been delayed a little, however, they are still standing, and soon they will begin to offer a new service to its clients with a passenger Drone, the first in Mexico.

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With specific and especially ecological reasons, the businessman and main promoter of this project Nico Wilmes, CEO of Los Amigos de Tulum, has also bet on real estate development with green technology that can help and facilitate household chores without causing damage or impact to the environment. environment.

Nothing to take off the first passenger drone of Mexico in Tulum
Nothing to take off the first passenger drone of Mexico in Tulum

According to a video on YouTube, the preparations are ready and they are only waiting for the situation regarding the pandemic to improve to see these drones with passengers fly over the skies of Tulum, with total security of being monitored to avoid any inconvenience.

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As the main feature, this vehicle is electrically charged, in addition to having space for two people, it carries up to 230 kilograms in weight, and it rises up to 2,000 meters high, it travels the skies at a speed of 130 kilometers per hour and you can cover up to 30 kilometers per trip.

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The sky is the limit, this service will offer a new experience, not many countries in the world have approved drone service with passengers, which makes Mexico a privileged place, and marks Tulum as an example of sustainability. and harmony with nature.

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