The’essential activities’ that are allowed in Mexico during quarantine


In several states of the Mexican Republic, the extreme mandatory quarantine measure has already been implemented, which prohibits everyone from being on public roads unless it is to carry out some essential activity. However, many people for lack of information still do not understand the concept of “essential activity”, so here is a list.

Coronavirus en México: Estas son las actividades que no pararán ...

Anything for recreation, tourism and entertainment purposes is definitely off the essential list. We all want to get out of our homes a little to get fresh air and resume our daily lives, but for the moment it cannot be possible until the most critical stage of the pandemic has ended.

Essential activities in Mexico:

Going to the bank: Many banking institutions are limiting their services to comply with the health regulations, so if you can carry out your banking operations through online sites, it will be much better.

Moving to your workplace: As long as your company or activity is allowed by the governments of your locality, otherwise you will be sanctioned.

Working on public roads: If your work is allowed by the government of your locality on public roads, you can work complying with the health measures.

These activities include basic sanitation personnel, carriers, traffic aides, police, medical personnel, food sales, among others.

Food Purchase: Going out to buy to stock your pantry is essential to keep us at home. However, there are measures to consider such as having a single person go and comply with the established rules of each place.

Buying medicines: Pharmacies are currently available for the attention of the general public since medicines and basic health equipment are frequently required at this time.

Going out for food: This includes going to a food establishment and placing your take-out order, or some places allow you to stay to eat while respecting the rules of healthy distance.

Assistance to a hospital or health center: It is of utmost importance if it is medical attention or emergency room visits.

Comply with tax obligations: If it is about making payments or SAT procedures, payment of fines, collectors, among other instances. Many of these operations can also be done through online portals.

Assistance from older adults or people with disabilities: If you have a person in a vulnerable situation under your care, you can go out to assist in essential activities.

Refueling: Gas stations throughout the country are fully operating.

Any reason other than those described above is considered non-essential activity, which is why many governments are asking their citizens to stay home. If all these measures are followed, the days of isolation could end soon.


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