Mexico, the US, and Canada extend border closings for another 30 days


The 3 business partners have decided to extend the non-essential travel restrictions along their shared borders for an additional 30 days

WASHINGTON The Department of Homeland Security US announced Monday the extension by mutual agreement with Mexico and Canada from the closure of its borders common other 30 days due to the pandemic of the COVID-19

“In close collaboration, the United States, Mexico, and Canada have decided to extend nonessential travel restrictions along their shared borders for an additional 30 days. As ( US President Donald) Trump said last week, the control border, travel restrictions and other limitations are essential to slow the spread (of the virus) and allow the sequential opening of the country, “said Acting Homeland Security Secretary Chad Wolf

On March 18, the US president declared the ” border closure ” of the Canadian border to all “nonessential traffic”, although he specified that trade would not be affected, to combat the coronavirus .

At that time, just over 5,700 infections and a hundred deaths had been registered in the United States, in contrast to the 761,964 infected and 35,314 deaths recorded today, according to figures from Johns Hopkins University.

However, the border closure had already been requested by some Canadian provinces, such as British Columbia, who feared the spread of the disease by American visitors.

Two days later, the governments of Mexico and the United States announced an agreement to stop the coronavirus pandemic and decreed the closure of the common border from March 21 and for 30 days for non-essential travel, is that is, those for recreational or tourist purposes.

Instead, this restriction on the US and its southern neighbor also allows for the commercial transit of food, fuel, healthcare equipment, and medications

Compared to 761,964 infections and 35,314 deaths in the United States, in Canada, there have been 33,344 cases and 1,626 victims, while those infected in Mexico amount to 8,261 and deaths total 686, according to the unofficial count by Johns Hopkins University.


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