Chetumal Quintana Roo: Filters detect 12 foreigners with symptoms of Covid-19


Most tried to travel from Bacalar to Cancun or from Playa del Carmen to Chetumal.

At least 12 people with symptoms similar to Covid-19 have been detected in the sanitary filters of the southern state. Most tried to travel from Bacalar to Cancun or from Playa del Carmen to Chetumal.

These are foreigners residing in Quintana Roo, who in the last month have traveled outside the country or have had contact with people who have.

Unofficial information from the commanders in charge of the different security filters installed at the entrances of the municipal capitals of the State indicates that three of those people who were detected traveling on the roads of Quintana Roo tested positive for Covid-19 . Another five were negative and four more are still in the testing phase.

Only last March 31, three of these cases were reported. One of them was recorded on ballot 084537 of the emergency number 911, when the taxi with number 8782 from the municipality of Bacalar was reported, with a foreign passenger with symptoms similar to Covid-19.

Another case took place around nine o’clock last Tuesday, when in a private car a woman of French origin tried to enter Bacalar from Chetumal . The female, who demonstrated residing at her home in the community, acknowledged that she had recently returned from a flight from Mexico City.

For this reason, the agents stationed in the sanitary filters were ordered to be more strict in detecting people with foreign features or to demonstrate symptoms related to Covid-19, in order to report to the health authorities for their assessment.

On April 27, the Quintana Roo State Human Rights Commission issued a request to be vigilant and respectful of people’s rights.

This week, staff from the Secretariat of Marines joined the sanitary filters in the south of the state. The posts operate in addition to the seven highway entrances to Quintana Roo and on the federal highway Chetumal-Cancún.


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