Mexico border Governors ask AMLO to close borders by land and air to people arriving from the United States to avoid infections by Covid-19.


The Governors of Nuevo León, Tamaulipas and Coahuila yesterday launched a call to the federal government to close the border by land and air to people arriving from the United States to avoid infections by Covid-19.

They even asked their countrymen and compatriots not to travel to Mexico for Easter.

His proposal comes as a week ago today that the United States, which on Thursday became the country with the most cases of contagion in the world and yesterday exceeded 100,000, partially closed the border by restricting non-essential land crossings from Mexico.

In a joint statement, the independent President of Nuevo León, Jaime Rodríguez; The PAN, Francisco García Cabeza de Vaca, from Tamaulipas, and the PRI, Miguel Ángel Riquelme, from Coahuila, warned that no measure taken at the regional level will be effective if there is no sanitary control at border crossings.

At the conclusion of the so-called Second Regional Containment Meeting of Covid-19 in Saltillo, they called on the Federation to establish a joint action plan and in the shortest possible time.

“The highest degree of transmission (of the Covid-19) may not be Nuevo León, Jalisco or Tamaulipas,” Rodríguez said at a press conference at the Coahuila Government Palace at the end of the meeting.

“We have a neighbor and we do not have the powers to close the border. He (the President) does have them and must take them into account.

” We have to specify flights and visits more strictly because we can be exceeded, “said El Bronco .

The Governor of Tamaulipas said you have to take a step forward.

“The one who has the constitutional powers to make this decision to close the border – and I want to be very clear: not to trade, but to people – is the President,” said PAN head García Cabeza de Vaca.

“In the United States the coronavirus had a very strong increase and those who think that the coronavirus is going to stop by the Rio Grande are very wrong … It is as we put controls in.

” What is coming is that the coronavirus enters walking in the north, “he said.

In addition, they asked the countrymen not to visit Mexico during Easter.

” We are going to try to create awareness campaigns to avoid visits in the coming Easter, “said PRI Riquelme.

Rodríguez added that those who decide to come will not be able to walk through Nuevo León since a 14-day quarantine has been recommended for prevention since last week.

“We do not want them to see it as well as we reject them … That is to say: if they are there and they have the condition to be well, they better not come.

The three Governors made a public call to the President to unify criteria regarding Covid-19.


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