Los Cabos rejected a cruise ship from Guatemala


The secretary of Health, Víctor George Flores, declared this morning, in a radio interview, that in Los Cabos it was decided to deny entry to a cruise ship from Guatemala, due to the fact that it brought 3 respiratory patients.

“He was coming in international waters, one from Guatemala, it is a cruise ship, he was not allowed to enter, because they send the request for permission, and yes here they had reported that they brought 3 patients with respiratory tract infection and one very delicate one,” he said. .

The State Official added that the ship had to return where it came from since the health of its crew was not guaranteed: “It was not allowed, it was returned to where it came from since the first port it was going to touch was that of Cabo San Lucas and it was not allowed ”.

George Flores also spoke of the Oomsterdam cruise ship that will dock off Los Cabos Bay , for humanitarian reasons; In this case, he clarified, his arrival was approved because there were no more spaces in San Diego to stay, and it has been verified that he does not bring any of his 800 sick crew members.

Source: bcsnoticias.mx

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