Chiapas community expels Central American migrants


Inhabitants of the municipality of Palenque, Chiapas attacked and expelled Central American migrants who were housed in the auditorium of the Pakal-Ná community.

Habitantes sacaron del auditorio en Palenque, Chiapas, donde estaban alojados los migrantes. (Abraham Jiménez)

The inhabitants arrived around noon and expelled the migrants who were protected by the city authorities, taking out their belongings and burning them in the park; since they assure that since the migrants arrived the assaults and other crimes in this city increased and they assure to have identified those who have perpetrated these crimes.

The citizens of the Pakal-Ná community arrived at the local auditorium, removed the belongings of the migrants and burned them in the park. They also demanded that the local authority close the doors and not allow the entrance to the auditorium of these migrants. 

Another group of inhabitants closed the main street that connects Palenque and Pakal-Ná for three hours and connects to the Palenque International Airport. 

The migrants central americans withdrew from these places and hid in abandoned homes outside the community, he did not have sleeping spaces.

Among the requests made by the community members are not allowing the entry of Central American migrants back into the city by accusing them of robbery of homes, passersby, vehicles and even harassing local women.

They argued that in case migrants return they will perform various actions to expel them again.

“The support they give the illegal migrant, we need it”

Enraged they broke the gate of the shelter to insult and run to the migrants: “Get out of here dogs, get disgusting immigrants.”

Between shouting and pushing, dozens of residents of Palenque, Chiapas evicted more than 100 Hondurans and Salvadorans from the municipal auditorium where they lived temporarily, arguing that Central Americans are the cause of insecurity in the region.

“We are fed up. It is a plague. We understand that they want to come and overcome; the detail is that they stagnated here, they are naked, they get high, they take drugs, they do not work and above all the government pay them everything,” says one of the inhabitants of the community.

Resultado de imagen de Expulsan a migrantes de comunidad de Chiapas

Meanwhile, another group of inhabitants closed the main street that connects Palenque and Pakal-Ná for 3 hours and connects to the airport.

Migrants withdrew from these places and hid in abandoned houses outside the community.

The inhabitants asked that the Central American migrants no longer be admitted to the city when they were accused of robbery of their homes, passersby, vehicles and even harassment of local women.

Guatemalan migrants take over abandoned homes in Tapachula

The inhabitants threatened to carry out various actions to expel them in case they return.

The neighbors removed chairs and mats from the shelter, burned tires and used public toilets to close avenues.

“We don’t want immigrants. All the support they are giving to immigrants, we need it,” he says.

The authorities failed to contain the dissatisfied and, even, during the protest, a Salvadoran was held and beaten.”It is estimated that around 60,000 people, of 20 different nationalities, have been returned; mostly Central Americans,” says Erika Guevara Rosas, director for Las Americas of Amnesty International.

“We are not animals to treat us like this, we also have rights; just as you are human, we are the same, the only difference we have no documents,” said the immigrant.

Due to the tension, migrant women, men, and children had to leave the place.

“For X or Y, politics, ideology, reasoning, many suffer discrimination; I agree that many people come and do not do the right thing, but punish the just.”AMLO justifies actions against migrants: they must respect the laws.

To guarantee the integrity of the Central Americans, immigration authorities confirmed that they were transferred by buses to other shelters located in the states of Veracruz and Chiapas.

“We’re fed up, it’s a pestilence,” Pakal residents say.

Angry residents say they will not change their position and, if migrants return, they say they will run again. They seek to cross the Mexican territory to reach the United States.

Resultado de imagen de Expulsan a migrantes de comunidad de Chiapas

“Drug addicts are coming, they lie in our park, children can’t play,” they explain.

The Palenque shelter will remain closed indefinitely.


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