American states that its “her beach” tries to run-off Mexican tourists in Puerto Morelos (VIDEO)


Allegedly a woman of American origin, evicted people from “her beach” claiming she has a “beach concession”.

The irregularities on public beaches in Mexico continue. Once again, national tourists have been evicted, now by a foreign couple, allegedly of American origin, in Puerto Morelos, Quintana Roo.

Through social networks, a video has circulated of the moment in which a foreign woman requests a Mexican woman and her companions to leave the place since they were in an area of the beach that corresponds to “her property”.

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The woman argued that she bought a house on the beach and therefore also acquired a concession that reaches the sea and that she has had it for 10 years.

Due to the situation, local police intervened on behalf of the Mexican tourists and let the foreigner know that the boundaries of her property reach to the posts embedded in the sand so the part of the beach she claims as hers, corresponds to the public area.

It was the tourist herself, Viridiana, who shared through her Facebook account the scandalous video in which she also reported that she had been attacked and threatened by the foreigner.

“No se vale! It’s not fair that they come from other countries and feel they own our Mexico. After the video I wanted to forget and enjoy it, which is what my family was going for, but no, the lady and two others kept saying derogatory and insulting things. “Pinche pendeja” “La mexicanita” and they turned to look at me every time I said it, I got upset and told them that if I understood them and they continued to make fun of me, I felt very upset because they do not respect, “La mexicanita” and to much honor and if you do not like Mexicans or anything, why do you buy in Mexican territory? Respect.” she wrote next to the video.

Another case of privatization of a beach

Just a few days ago in social networks, a video of the moment when a couple of national tourists was forcibly evicted from Mamitas Beach , in Playa del Carmen, circulated .

In this case, it was elements of the Tourist Police of Solidarity who, among the people of Jalisco and handcuffs, removed the bathers from Mexico City , allegedly for not consuming products from the private club.

Citizens have already organized a protest on “her beach”

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