Nemesio Oseguera Cervantes fights with rival cartels in Puerto Vallarta that intend to take territory where his criminal organization dominates drug trafficking, kidnapping, and milking of gas pipelines in the area, leading to the announcement of a fight for territory between criminal group leaders.

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When ‘El Mencho’ entrusted Carlos Andrés Rivera Varela, nicknamed “La Firma”, to the headquarters of Puerto Vallarta, a criminal gang of Colombian origin arrived with its own drug suppliers, a move that was not well-accepted by other group leaders.

Rivera Varela works with criminal connections in South and Central America and recruited hitmen to avoid being prey to rival groups, one of his first decisions was to clean house in the organization controlling the area of Puerto Vallarta.

The extermination of old leaders of the CJNG began with the group of Agustín González Chavarín, nicknamed “Don Guti”, the main operator of the CJNG in Puerto Vallarta, according to journalist Jorge Fernández Menéndez.

To take power away from Don Guti, the Colombian people offered money to residents of the mountains and the coast in exchange for information about the old cartel boss and his people, to annihilate their bases of operation.

Rivera Varela is one of the alleged successors of Mencho in the CJNG, and Puerto Vallarta is a key place for any criminal group because it is an obligatory passage of chemical precursors that come from Asia through the ports of Manzanillo, Colima; and Lázaro Cárdenas, Michoacán; ingredients used in the clandestine laboratories in the city.

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When manufacturing synthetic drugs, from that point many of the shipments are sent to the cities of the United States without having to go through border points such as Tijuana or Juarez.

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The authorities identified this internal war as a factor for the increase in homicides and violence in the region.