Maya Train Station in Cancun was ruled out


The second station of the Mayan Train in Cancun was ruled out, according to the results of the demand studies developed by the Strategic Projects Agency of the State of Quintana Roo (Agepro).

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Eduardo Ortiz Jasso, director of Agepro, explained that these studies showed that the greatest demand for rail transport services would be generated by the station located inside or next to the Cancun air terminal.

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“A passenger station in the center or urban area of ​​Cancun threw a demand of between 65,000 and 85,000 passengers per day that would potentially make use of transportation on the Mayan Train, while the station at the airport showed a daily demand of 105,000 potential passengers for the railroad, ”he explained.

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That is, more than 100,000 passengers represent the potential demand of the Mayan Train maintaining a single station at the height of the Cancun International Airport, against the 85,000 potential passengers of a second terminal within the urban spot of Cancun, Ortiz Jasso added. ( Impacts of the Mayan Train in Quintana Roo will not be noticeable until 2023 ).

The second station would have involved freeing rights of way within the urban spot, among other urban actions, so it was decided to maintain a single station, which will no longer be located within the Cancun International Airport, but on land adjacent to the Air terminal, the official said.

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Once the second station has been ruled out, it will seek to enable a transportation system that not only feeds the Mayan Train from the city of Cancun, but also orders the rest of the collective transportation systems that currently exist in the destination.

Light Rail

The proposal of an investor is currently being analyzed, whose solution is to build an elevated light rail that runs even on the Kukulcán boulevard in the hotel zone of Cancun, said Ortiz Jasso

In a previous interview, he had anticipated that this light rail is conceived as a trunk route that feeds the Mayan Train from the departure station at the Cancun airport.

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It would have an initial extension of 30 kilometers and would cover the entire urban area of ​​the city, from south to north, starting at Huayacán Avenue, until joining Chac Mol Avenue and going down to Puerto Juárez at the southern end of the city, in addition to the section about the hotel zone of Cancun.

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The light rail would have as a second objective to reorder all collective transport routes to become their feeders and be the backbone of all urban mobility in Cancun. The investment will be around 900 million pesos, at a rate of 30 million pesos per kilometer of track. 

Source: el economista

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